Diamond Jubille

1) What colour is the Union Jack?
2) What was the colour of the Queen’s dress on the 4th of June during the concert?
3) Where did the Diamond Jubilee concert take place?

4a) At what time did the concert start on the 4th of June?
 4b)  Who sang ‘the A team’?
  5a) What is the name of the Queen’s husband?
  5b) What is the name of the Queen’s sons?
  6) Approximately how many boats were on the River Thames to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

Please leave a comment when you answer these comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (A.S.A.P)!

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The Girl Who Lost Belief


Karen was a fantastic runner. She had beaten everyone in her class at racing in the playground. Karen went to the racing track everyday after school to do laps around the track. “Tomorrow is the try out for the young Olympic games. I need to do my best,” Karen shouted, believing that she could do it. Karen’s dream was to stand on the podium and sing the national anthem of America. When she came home everyone cheered her on. “Come on Karen. You can do it. Come on Karen. Make us proud!” everyone chanted excitedly. The cheer from everyone built up the belief in her heart. The belief that she could win. Sleepily yawning, Karen fell on her bed and slept like a little angel.

“Beep beep,” the alarm clock rang. Today was the day to show off her mad skills. Quickly jumping out of her bed, she got dressed and rushed out of the house. She ran as fast as an eagle catching its prey. Finally, she arrived at the track where she started to get nervous and thought, “Oh no. I can’t do this. I’m too nervous. I can’t believe I thought that I could do this.” Sadly, Karen ran, cowered on the stairs and cried her eyes out. The announcer started calling out contestants. The person was soon going to call Karen’s name but she was still crying until she saw Usain Bolt coming up the stairs. “Now why is a beautiful person like you crying? Shouldn’t you be racing?” Usain Bolt asked in a calm voice. “I want to but I’m just too nervous,” Karen cried. Usain Bolt said confidently,” I know sometimes you can get nervous but there are people who are out there who believe in you. I bet they’re crossing their fingers and praying hard for you. You don’t want to disappoint them now, do you? And besides, if that heart of yours isn’t filled with belief and spirit then you’re gonna have a lot of trouble getting to your goal when your older. You’ll regret it.” Suddenly a tear came sliding out of her fragile eye. Karen ran to Usain Blot, hugged him and whispered, “Thank you Usain Bolt. I won’t let fear ruin my life anymore.” The announcer yelled Karen’s name, and in a flash she ran to the track.

When the whistle blew, she ran as fast as a rocket going to the moon. Her time was a gob-smacking 1min and 10 secs. The announcer told her to wait in a special room until the results were in. Karen sat on the bench and prayed very hard until the announcer came in and declared that the winner was Karen! Karen was blissful and learned to have lots of belief in her heart. From that day forward, she was the best that she could be.

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Goodbye St. Paul’s!

Soon, our year six class will be leaving the school to move on to secondary. I would like to thank all the teachers and assistants and cooks and all the staff as well as the government and anybody who has been helping us to make this school better. We can’t carry on the blog sadly, but don’t worry- next year, the next year six class will do it, so that the blog may live forever. We would also like to thank our teacher and everyone who helped in making this blog since it really helped us all and we had great fun writing on it.

I will miss St. Paul’s a lot. I’ll visit them in the future and I hope that you have and learned a lot from our words and stories and that they will always be there in your mind.

Thanks for helping our blog come to life and commenting on our work! You really did a big part in helping to create it. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Number Rhyme

Once we go,
Twice again,
Third time lucky,
Fourth Big Ben,

Sixth is the stadium,
Seventh is the hen,
Eight is nine,
And nine is ten!


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The flower

I was dieing. Withering away. Where was the spring? I had waited all my live to see all the beautiful animals and blossoming flowers.
The cold winter was tearing away at my heart. I felt the darkness and all the loneliness surrounding me. My friends had abandoned me.

The white blanket of snow had cloaked the whole garden. I was in freezing temperatures. I whispered into the air hoping that Jesus would hear me and send down the sun to melt all the snow.

The dark clouds had finally disappeared and I could see a change in the giant. The little boy had melted his heart just to save us. Kids played freely in the warm garden.

Suddenly a penetrating beam of light fell upon the earth. I finally felt alive. The glory of the sun had filled my heart. My friends had came back and I was pleased to see them. There was no trace of snow left. The summer time had finally come.

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Acheive your dream

Hi kids, my name is Myron Amdemariam and I am 50 years old. 40 years ago, my teacher asked me to write to young little children about a very important message. This message is about achieving your dreams by ‘being the best that you can be’. I achieved my dream. I achieved it not because I wanted to, but because I paid the price. The price is nothing special, it’s just being the best that you can be. My dream was to be a great writer. Being a writer means everything to me, especially when I write for little children. To be a brilliant writer, you need a quiet place to write, you need to have lots of ideas for your stories and you need to just be the best that you can be.

I became a writer by entering a writing contest. We all had 2 days to write a fantastic story. 3 weeks later, when the results came, I wasn’t chosen and they thought that my story wasn’t good enough. I was sad but that’s life. 1 week later, I got a call from the contest; they told me that they changed their minds. They thought that I did the best that I could and I came back. I made to the finals and then I won the contest. I was so proud of myself.

I wasn’t proud because I won, I was proud because of what I had done. I did the best that I could and that’s all that matters.

That’s how I became a writer 30 years ago. This is what I want you and me to learn, that doing the best that you can is more important than just winning. Anyone can achieve their dreams by doing their best, remember that and remember this message.

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It was scary.  My heart was pounding.  My friends told me to get into the kart.

I had made it to the knock-out stages of the junior world championships in my home city of Moscow.  I was the best in my school, the best in the country. Tiger track, was the name of the track I was going to face.  I had no choice.  I stepped in.

I was placed next to my rival, Trip Robinson.  He was such a boaster.  His parents always bought him all that he wanted.  Every year, he had a new and improved kart.  Every year,  it was a photo finish.  This year was going to be different.  I was determined to beat Trip and make my way to the top.

The race had begun.  I was in the lead, Trip was behind me.  Was I going to win?  Was this all a big dream?  It was real, I knew it was.  I had to carry out this lead.

It was the final lap and Trip was catching up on me, but it was just a matter of seconds before the race finished.  Suddenly, a blur caught up with me.  The finish line was only a couple of yards away.  I burned every bit of gas my kart had.  The race was over.  I Looked up at the jumbo screen to see if I had won. Victory!!!!  I had succeeded.  I was going to the junior world championship finals.
I couldn’t wait!!

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We Are Writers

Hello Year 6 ,

I have heard that you had very talented and you want to keep chasing your dreams until you reach them. When I was your age I wanted to be a photographer and  make the most extraordinary pictures. I would not give up so I used these steps to help me:

Step 1: Believe in yourself

If you are in a situation were you don’t believe in yourself you can’t start achieving your dreams. Make a few shots at your dream job if you think you can’t do it do it again and again until you are happy with yourself. If you are not try the other day.

Step 2: Get support

If you have dreams and you don’t tell anyone like your family you need to ask them for support. You can show them the thing you want to do and ask them if they think it’s good. If they say something like “Hmmm… I think you could improve…” Then don’t be upset and start practicing again. Maybe, if you show them how much you love doing that they could  ask you if you want to go to a special school. Keep repeating step 1.

Step 3:  Make your dreams come true

Show off your skills to your friends and family then maybe if you want you could make a video and if you want post it online. Remember that you have to do it with passion so that you reach your goal with bigger steps. Keep repeating step 1 and step 2.


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Dancing Memories

He was there. All alone in his brothers room,watching a gentle breeze brush the wind chimes. Dean was lonely. He had nobody since his brother had recently  passed away. Dean had to move on, but somehow he could’nt. He was ready to go. Dean got up and walked to the door feeling dejected. ” Come on Dean or we will be late for your dance competition, shouted Dean’s dad. “Okay  I’ll be there in the minuite Dean replied as he made his way towards the door.

There he was on the stage praparing for his winning move. Dean  put on the dancing jacket of his brother.Thats when it all came surging back. He could see his brother putting on the dancing  jacket and doing nis final move. Then all of a sudden he could see his brother in a coffin.  Dead. Departed. Gone

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My set of fun activities

Put these jumbled up letters into the correct word again
(I’ll give you the first letter of each word)
1. bulejm- J            3. edrab- B
2. rueo- E               4. lgaf- F

What am I?
1. Sometimes, I hurry and sometimes I’m too slow. You can change me if you like. I’ve got two arms and I sing a song that goes ‘tick, tock’. What am I?
2. I’m always the opposite of everything.  People usually hang me. What am I?
3. I am very small and handy. People hold me around my waist and make marks on paper with me. What am I?

How many words can you make out of the word,

Maths Problem- Main Question
Jessie and her friends decided to go to the cinema for a movie. Jessie wanted to go for Mirror Mirror, which cost 12 pounds per ticket. Annie wanted to go for The Muppet Show which cost 28 pounds per two people. Olga wanted to go for Snow White and the Huntsman which cost each person 9 pounds per each hour of the film (the film lasts 1 and a half hours) The girls decide to go for the film that is the cheapest. Which film would they choose?

!!! Please answer these questions in your reply and I will read them then give you an amount of points. Your points will increase each time you take another fun set. Hurry- I only give you two weeks to answer and then I’ll put the answer up for everyone to see!!!


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