Excitement is…

Excitement is red roses bursting to blossom.
Excitement is a volcano ready to erupt.
Excitement is blowing out your birthday candles.
Excitement is a newborn baby laughing for the first time.
Excitement is a cub going on its first hunt.
Excitement is a rabbit having its first carrot.
Excitement is a heart beating rapidly.
Excitement is a chick ready to hatch from its egg.
Excitement is seeing God for the first time.
Excitement is Gods

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3 Responses to Excitement is…

  1. dylan says:

    That is just the same thing as the other writing you did in school, but I think you change some thing in it.

  2. olivia6 says:

    This is so nice! I really like all of it!

  3. Mr Keane says:

    Hi Saffron,
    Wow! Just read your work for the first time and I’m very impressed. Had to smile when I read about you forgetting your homework!

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