Light of jesus

Light of Jesus. The light of Jesus. Come out and bring

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7 Responses to Light of jesus

  1. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Saffron,
    A really lovely poem about the light of Jesus. It is a lovely poem to read, especially during Lent. It really reminded me that Jesus came for everybody when you wrote about being behind bars. A very deep and thoughtful poem Saffron. Keep it up! Will you read this in class tomorrow please.

  2. jeanpaul says:

    Hi Saffron a very powerful poem about The Light of Jesus. Keep it up!

  3. jose says:

    hi Saffron this was very beautiful piece of work I loved the way you talked about the light of Jesus.

  4. kube6 says:

    From beatrice and Kube.

    A wonderful poem about the light of Jesus ,Saffron. This really shows that your
    writing is fantastic. A very calm poem. Thank you.

  5. filip says:

    Hi Saffron,
    I think this is the best prayer I’ve ever heard. It was a really beatiful way to describe our Lord. Well done and keep it up.
    PS. If I were Mr. Ruddy, I’d give you a merit

  6. myron says:

    Hi Saffron
    I love this work. It just makes me cry and flood my room with tears. Absolutly brilliant and breath taking.

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