Candle light (creative writing)

On a peaceful evening the leaves were rustling on the tree like a  person dancing gracefully. The stars were twinkling flashlighs flickering on and off. The wind whistled through the town. In light street lived a small family. They lived in a small Victorian house. This family loved to waste electricity. While they were upstairs the lights and TV downstairs will be on all night. Whetheirs were outside all the lights in the house will be on.

Until one day the family were eating biscuits and watching TV while the lights were on and suddenly the lights turned off .
” Oh no. The power went off.” Mum panicked.
“I know lets light a candle in the room.” The little girl suggested.
The family lit a candle in the room. The candle was so powerful that it lit the whole room. They realized that they didn’t need to waste all the light. Then the lights came back on and everyone was sad so they turn everything back on. They didn’t waste the lights any more.

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2 Responses to Candle light (creative writing)

  1. olivia6 says:

    Hi Chantelle,
    The story is very nice, and I think that you did a great job!

  2. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Chantelle,
    What a beautiful opening. I loved your use of similes and metaphors here. ‘Leaves dancing gracefully’ is a wonderful image. I am glad the family learned their lesson in the end. To improve, there were a few errors with spelling and speech marks. Always double check. Keep up the effort. Well done!

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