The Candle of Hope… (Part 2)

”But die”.

I started to panic. This was bad, all those who were under his control, will stay under his control. Us two brothers, were unique. We had these powers, no one else had. I could control time and space, but I never needed it. All I wanted, was to fit in with the others. My brother could control nearly everything since he used his powers often. I had no time to think, these… people came from every single direction. ‘Keep moving’, I thought.

”Brother! Think of all the people you are harming!” I yelled.
My brother laughed, ” Ha! Who cares about these people now? They treated like nothing, now its my turn.”
You may think these was odd, but in our basement, we had weird sculptures. Ones that may look like the ancient ones. Their eyes glowed. That couldn’t possibly mean… this battle was going to end with one standing.

These eyes would signal good or bad things, depending on the sculptures. And this sculpture, was the bad one.
”Brother, you know this will end with only one of us standing.” I pointed out.
My brother’s head turned slowly, ”Do you think I don’t know that?”
A spear nudged out of one of the sculpture’s hands and headed for me. I didn’t have enough time to dodge.
”Brother, you are just…” I deflected the spear, leaving a wide cut on my hand, ”Evil.”
He laughed menacingly, ”I know isn’t it? I’m just evil!”
Great… problems hide in every corner of my mind thinking I won’t solve it soon. That’s enough of a problem for me, now this? My world is basically… I couldn’t even say it. Everyone would know what it is anyway.

Blood slowly oozed from my hand.
”I can’t believe I’m going to do this but…” I declared, ” Let’s end this.”
My brother started to

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5 Responses to The Candle of Hope… (Part 2)

  1. julia says:

    Hi Peter,
    What a fantasic story! Finally you did part 2. All the speech is really wonderful and you used a variety of other words instead of said. The whole thing flowed beautifully too. I think I should go for lessons to you- you have such a creative imagination. Now, just one request- write part 3. Thanks. Remeber, I’m waiting for part 3!

  2. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Peter,
    Julia is right. This is brilliant work! I think I may come to you for lessons too!! This flows beautifully and your speech really helps the pace of the story. Sorry for the delay in posting Part 3. Everybody has been waiting for it. How does it feel Peter to know that people are enjoying your writing so much?
    Keep up the great work!

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