The Candle of Hope… (Ending)

”Oh no!”

The spear headed straight for me. I couldn’t think. My mind was completely blank. That’s it! I got a plan! After thinking about the plan, I felt this sharp sensation on my back. I turned my head… I was completely shocked. The spear went straight through me, penetrating my thick skin. I looked down in front of me. The spear went into the ground too, holding me up. My body drooped down as if I already died in mid-air. This spear was different from other spears. This one was called ‘Javelin Gunglir”. This was used by the ancient one, the evil one.

Since this spear pierced me, I was demoralized by it. My self-belief, confidence and all the other feelings were destroyed by this spear. This spear caused sadness, rage, and… war.
”I got you now… Alastair.” John grinned, ”It’s over.”
Indeed it was. Once the Javelin pierces anyone, the spear completely makes the victim feel

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3 Responses to The Candle of Hope… (Ending)

  1. julia says:

    Hi Peter,
    What a perfect ending! I just love it. All the discriptions made your final part come alive. And it also teaches us about life. I especially liked this phrase, ‘Love will never die. It is eternal.’ What beautiful words! Thanks for all the four parts and I hope to read another story like this one soon.

  2. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Peter,
    I agree with Julia. Thanks for entertaining us with the four parts to this outstanding story. It has been exciting and tense. What a great ending. He has to kill his brother but it was for the best and his brother thanked him for it! WOW! It was great the way that you made it happy at the end. Excellent!
    I can’t wait for the next story. When is it coming Peter?
    Just one point. Try not to keep writing people’s names all the time. Sometimes use the word him or her in place of their actual names. It sounds better. His and her are called pronouns.

  3. olivia6 says:

    .Hi Peter…
    …Speechless. Absolutaly speechless. This could be put in a book! Peter, you have a wonderfull talent… well done

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