100wc challege

As I picked the juicy strawberry from its delicate stem I wiped the sweat of my boiling head. It was harvest season and my family were getting ready for the winter. “Howdy June. Hows the strawberry picking going.” Wondered Jack.
“Very good. We should Finish at sun down.”  Answered June.

The weather changed for the worse.

A thunder storm hit the farm like a baseball bat and a ball. The dreamlike clouds became a swirl of sadness. A rage of thunder aimed for the the barn and fired. Suddenly a fire began and wiped everything out. Why did the weather change? Why?



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2 Responses to 100wc challege

  1. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Chantelle,
    A really powerful and well written piece of work here. Well done! I thought your simile about the storm hitting the farm like a baseball bat hitting a ball was amazing. The personification of the thunder aiming at the barn was great too. It was really clever to go from calmness and peace at the beginning, to chaos at the end. Great work.
    Watch out for how you write speech next time. You wrote answered and wondered with capitals and really they should be lower case.

  2. obinna says:

    Hi Chantelle,
    You have put in some lovely descriptions and very nice similes for e.g: a storm hitting the bat like a baseball bat. That was the simile that stood out for me. Well done!

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