My diary

Dear Diary,
Today was fun because at school we got to do some painting. We were painting different kinds of flags. Everywhere got messy and I only managed to do two flags. One was were I come from which is Nigeria and the other one was the Union Jack. I had fun painting but we had to be careful not to smudge it which Mr Ruddy was very strict on. But i know he only wanted it to be our best effort. Also my mum was meant to give me £1 for something to buy after school and she gave me something I thought was two 50p which equals to £1 but when I studied the money carefully I actually realised it was just two 10p and I was really angry that I didn’t spot that before so I wasn’t able to buy what I wanted.


 -Nigerian flag

 -Union Jack


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  1. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Obinna,
    Well done for including the flags in your post. A good idea. It sounds like a great day. So what did you want to buy in the shops Obinna? You must have been so disappointed to realise your mistake. I know the feeling.

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