Dear diary

Today was a really good day because at 9:30am I left home to go to church. I’m in a choir in church so I have to sing but instead of singing I chose to be a drummer. The fellow drummers asked me to play a difficult song which is called, ‘Amen.’ When he asked me, my hands started shaking. I was thinking of a beat to play, but something was telling me that I was going to mess it up and everyone knew I was nervous. But when it came to playing the song, I done exceptionally well. They never expected that to happen and I didn’t either. I was happy that it was over with, but I was filled with joy because everyone praised me for the good drumming I had done. After mass we got to give out flowers because it was Mother’s Day and all the mums were smiling big wide crocodile grins but not with sharp teeth, of course.


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2 Responses to Dear diary

  1. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Obinna,
    A lovely post. I didn’t know you were in a choir. I am learning a lot through all this blogging. Well done for playing the drums so well too. Your joke about the mums or having sharp teeth was very funny. Keep up the great work!

  2. olivia6 says:

    Hi Obinna,
    That’s great! Well done!

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