Are video games good for children?

Many people have been talking about video games. Are they good for children, or bad? This has been a lively argument as both opposing sides have very strong opinions.

Some people believe that games can help children. Firstly, some say that games can help with skills that even schools don’t teach. This includes problem solving, logic, quick thinking, teamwork, and the other helpful skills.¬†Furthermore, some say that violent games can be bad, but some say that it may be good for children to play their aggressive feelings in the game. It is also true that gamers can be lonely playing by themselves, but online, they can communicate with the other gamers. In addition to that, they can share tips and strategies, like for example,¬†strategies on how to defeat the game’s bosses.

On the other hand, the opposing sides think different. First of all, gamers can become addicted to the game, and neglect their family, friends, school, and even their own health. Scientific studies also link gaming to violent behaviour. It’s not surprising that children become violent after playing violent games. Furthermore, some agree that gaming results in poor social skills. One researcher stated that children ‘need to play outside more with others and communicate with them.’ A very strong opinion, is that gaming is very unhealthy. They who play too much, they can suffer eye-strain, become unfit, and may possibly have fits. Gamers may even get ‘Nintendo Grip’, which means some can’t even hold a pencil properly.

Having debated the issue, both opposing sides still remain divided. I have decided that video games ARE good for us. It teaches us skills that schools don’t teach. Just imagine games becoming a part of the school. That way, we can learn more, and teachers don’t have to lecture everyone – they can take a break!

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