Christmas Magic

Everyone enjoys Christmas…especially the Robinsons who spend time with others and mostly family, all across the globe.  Let us join them, shall we.

“I can’t wait to see Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday,” screamed the youngest child of the family, Alex. “Neither can I,” giggled mum.                                        “Not me. Granddad and Grandma always make me sweaters that really itch and give me spots all over the place,” said Will, the eldest of the children, while folding his arms and fixing his gaze on the lamp post outside.                                                                  “Now, now if your mother and I decide we’re going then that’s that.” Their dad emphasised.

Meanwhile, at their Grandparents home… “How is it going with the knitting?” Granddad enquired. “It’s going well dear, thank you.  I can’t wait to give this to Will; he always loves the sweaters I make him.” 

As you can see one boy is grumpy all Christmas, but this is all about to change because somewhere deep in the North Pole, Santa is watching all the children of the world through his crystal ball, especially Will. Every year he would give Will something but every year Will never seemed to notice,  he would walk right pass it.  This time Santa has a big surprise for Will.

Christmas day came but Will hadn’t got any presents yet (not even his Grandma’s sweater) and it was nearly time for him to go to bed.   Suddenly, tears trickled down his cheek and then a thought flashed through his mind.      “Maybe I’m not supposed to sulk about my gifts as it is the thought that counts.”

                        Early the next morning Will woke up with a surprise, a gift and a tag stuck out and it read:

Well-done William                          

To: Will         From: Santa                                                                                                                                                                                          From: Santa 

Merry Christma

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