Do Games Disturb The Human Brain

In our class we have been deciding whether games should or shouldn’t be aloud. There have been different debates about this discussion.

Some people believe that computer games are good for the brain. Firstly games are good for your finger’s accuracy and good for writing. A further point is that  computer games teaches the Brain lots of things and gives children support on tests, SATS and GCSES. For example ample scientists say that computer games can help us discover things we’ve never witnessed.

On the other hand people believe that computer games can damage the brain and are too addictIve. Furthermore no one reads books any more so their reading slips. Also it teaches kids to do the wrong thing and confuses them. For example ample children get eye strain, unfit and have fits. They can’t even get a grip on a pencil. There was another example of when a boy got banned from PlayStation for a week and started playing chess with his sister.

Having debated this issue, the fight still remains clueless as to whether computer games damaged the Brain. I believe computer games don’t need to be erased because it gives us education and you could just delete the games that involve violence.

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2 Responses to Do Games Disturb The Human Brain

  1. Miss Dolan says:

    Hello Chantelle, I found your debate very powerful. I can see you gave strong reasons for and against computer games but also concluded with your own view.
    Just be careful in this sort of formal writing to avoid slang words, such as, ‘kids.’ You have however used excellent sentence starters and structured your writing successfully.
    What would you advise parents about computer use for their children at home?

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