‘How can I help you?’ (100 Word challenge)

As Max’s mum and dad were unpacking into their new house, Max looked up at them and posed this question, “how can I help you?” 
“Not now dear,”responded his mother.
“How about playing outside?” asked his dad.
“No one ever wants me around,” thought Max, ” I just don’t understand.”

Meanwhile back in the house… “Where are the keys?” mum asked.
“I have already checked all over the house,” panicked dad.
Max had spotted something shining in the grass,
  it was a key but he had no clue where or who it belonged to. What was he supposed to do with it? He had to tell dad.


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2 Responses to ‘How can I help you?’ (100 Word challenge)

  1. julia says:

    Hi Kene,
    What a smart 100wc! I love the way you ended- you told the reader what actually will hppen but didn’t discribe it. Wonderful! I also like the fact that you said nobody ever wanted the boy arround- that’s what usually happens to children. Wonderful. Keep blogging!

  2. dylan says:

    Hi Kene,
    Max is my friend in another school. I liked the ending it was great.

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