The Ocean

Watch it shine clear and bright                                     
endless waves flapping, 
whooshing and swaying day and night 
 distant sea clapping.                                                                                

Seagulls waiting for prey
crabs moving side to side,
sharks avoiding the bay
boats giving a ride.

Children cheering and screaming
man sitting with his wife,
the face of the sun laughing and beaming
people thought this was the life.

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2 Responses to The Ocean

  1. Miss Dolan says:

    Wow what a wonderful poem! I love the way it almost seemed to grow as I read it and it gave me a warm smile for such a fantastic last line…..very powerful!

    Please, please can I have some more….

  2. myron says:

    Hi Kene this is a brilliant piece of work. Keep it up.

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