Long Lost (Beginning)

I sat there looking around. Surrounded by piles of boxes. It almost seemed like there was no stop to the pile. Everyday, the pile would grow. Deciding to tidy up, I stacked the boxes up neatly against the wall… but there still more to stack. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the doorbell rang.

”Who would ring the bell at this time?” I wondered. 3 am. I walked towards the door and opened it.
”Hi mate!” Joe shouted.
”You had…” I shot him a stare, ”To come at this time, Joe. I’m busy.” And tired, I thought.
”I heard you’re packing up. Thought I’ll come over and help,” he ignored what I said.
I nodded.
”So… you’re alone.” Joe walked in.. my mind started to become dizzy. Memories from the past came flooding back to me. They stacked up one by one, like the pile of boxes. As if my mind had a life of its own, it slowly played through the tapes.

Memories, one by one, went past my eyes. Almost like a hologram. My mind paused at a particular tape. The tape when I was alone in the war. I watched myself talking to my parents.
”We’ll be back son. Count on it.” My father waved and left, and so did my mother.
”Be back soon!” I shouted. Suddenly, the tape changed. What I saw now, was me sitting by the window looking out for my parents’ return. During the war, my brother would come and look after me when my gran was away. I would ask him when my parents will be back or, are they back. But all he said was, ”They will be back soon.”

I remembered my brother’s face. A handsome young face that time, along with brown hair. His name was Joe. Whenever I heard the door open and close, I would run down smiling, hoping it was my parents. But it never was my parents. It was either gran, or Joe. I was happy that they came, but it never cheered my up completely. My heart slowly broke into pieces every time it wasn’t my parents. The only people who could ever find the pieces, was mum and dad. I soon learnt that my parents died in the war.

”Mate,” Joe shook me, ”Snap out of it!”
I couldn’t hear him or see him. Not even feel him. My memories started to take over me. Tears came sliding out of my eyes. It was almost time before I became trapped in the time portal my mind had created.
”Snap…” Joe grabbed me, ”Out of it!”
He threw me into my sofa, not gently, but with the power of a behemoth. He just grabbed me out of the time portal before I was lost forever. Joe may have given me whiplash with that throw.

”Thanks… but you could have done it less painfully,” I moaned.
”Sorry but that was the only thing I thought of doing,” Joe grinned as he stared.
As he grinned, I noticed something familiar about him. My brother was named Joe, and he was Joe. My brother had brown hair, and he had brown hair. I stared at him. He looked a lot like my brother, I thought, he might actually be my brother. That’s it! He is my brother! I ran up to him and hugged him.
‘That was unexpected,’ he thought.
”You’re my brother,” I shouted in happiness.
”Took you long enough.” he smiled.

We talked about him visiting me in the war. How he managed to visit without dying. I also asked why he didn’t tell me he was my brother. I thought he was dead too, along with my parents. It was 12am now.

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One Response to Long Lost (Beginning)

  1. julia says:

    Hi Peter,
    Finally out! I’ve been waiting for this story for weeks! It looks like you put a flashback into the story- really clever and hard to do- you need a lot of skill to do that! This story is just wonderful! It flows so well and I just love the idea of a brother coming back after war and so on. And you know the suprise, I think his parents are going to come. Come on Peter. I’m already waiting for the next part!
    You have a briliant way of writing which just makes the story special. Keep it up.

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