Are computer games good or bad?

In our class we have been discussing whether computer games are good or bad. There has been a very heated debate as there are two strongly opposing teams.

Some people think that computer games are good. They have many reasons for this. Firstly, computer games helps bring fun into the world for example if you have had a bad day when you go back home you can have fun playing on your game and you will be much happier. Secondly, you improve on your coordination and problem solving skills. Thirdly computer games help express your aggressive feelings on the screen. Finally, some games are educational for example the game brain training on the Nintendo ds helps improve your general knowledge.

However, some computer games are violent for example the game Grand Theft Auto, Assassins creed, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3… Supporters of this say that some people argue that to much computer games can cause eye strain which is unhealthy for a kids life. Research shows that computer games can cause poor social skills and you can also get addicted to the game. The parents should support there children and watch what they are playing so that there children can  live a good life.

Having debated this issue. I now am against computer games because I see how it destroys our lives. But that does not mean I am going to stop playing them. What do you think?

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