The baseball glove

‘I hate her, she’s the worst,’ thought Max as slammed his bedroom door in fury at his mother. ” Why does she accuse me of things I don’t do? ” Suddenly, something dropped onto Max’s head. It was a baseball glove, his dad’s baseball glove. There was a dent in it.  A faint memory over-took him. It was as if his mind was like a puzzle, fitting pieces of memory together…

It was  a summers afternoon, Max’s dad, Karl, had bought him a baseball and baseball glove. They played for hours and hours, until, Max asked for a fast throw. It came at a break-neck speed that made such an impact on the glove and actually  dented the glove.

Max’s mind fast forward to the time of the accident.  It was three 0’clock in the morning  and the phone rang (a phone ringing at three 0’clock in the  morning, that  can’t be good!) It was the police.  They had received news that Max’s dad was in hospital.

They drove as fast as they could to St James’ hospital.  There they saw him lying in the hospital bed, eyes closed and wearing an oxygen mask.  They hoped that he was asleep. The came in through the door and said that he’ll be alright.

However, soon after they left the hospital, something malfunctioned causing him to have very little oxygen.  A few minutes later the hospital Rang Max’s mum to tell her what had happened to Max’s dad.  It was even harder to tell Max what had happened.

Suddenly, in reality, a gentle arm rested on Max’s shoulder as a tears trickled down his cheek. ” Life is not the same without your father around.”

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  1. julia says:

    Hi Kene,
    This is such a moving peice of work! It’s so sad that Max’s father died. And the way you described it is just wondeful! I especially like the ending- it’s like an inperfect cadance in music. This is when the song suddenly ends but it’s not like there is a full stop to the story it’s telling, that there is still ment to be more but there isn’t. Well, your story is just like that- it flowed really well and ended there just so suddenly. What a wonderful flashback. Thanks Kene. In some places you missed a comma or put a capital letter when it wasn’t meant to be there. But it dosen’t matter. Thanks Kene- and keep on blogging!

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