The baseball glove

‘I hate her, she’s the worst,’ thought Max as slammed his bedroom door in fury at his mother. ” Why does she accuse me of things I don’t do? ” Suddenly, something dropped onto Max’s head. It was a baseball glove, his dad’s baseball glove. There was a dent in it.

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  1. julia says:

    Hi Kene,
    This is such a moving peice of work! It’s so sad that Max’s father died. And the way you described it is just wondeful! I especially like the ending- it’s like an inperfect cadance in music. This is when the song suddenly ends but it’s not like there is a full stop to the story it’s telling, that there is still ment to be more but there isn’t. Well, your story is just like that- it flowed really well and ended there just so suddenly. What a wonderful flashback. Thanks Kene. In some places you missed a comma or put a capital letter when it wasn’t meant to be there. But it dosen’t matter. Thanks Kene- and keep on blogging!

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