My Philosophy- Boxing

Today, I would like to talk about boxing. I think boxing is a cruel and hard sport which destroys the lives of people.

Boxing is such a rough sport- people are trained to punch and kick their opponents. That is violence! And that sport is life threatening- a boxer can get really badly damaged on the ring, for example have their jaw smashed apart or loose an eye. Also consider the people that watch the game- they are taught violence too. What if they go out into the world and be so inspired by boxing that they will try to do it on other people?! That can actually lead to death! Young people with dreams and ambitions will be locked away from the world and their dreams will shatter. And that person who can be killed might be your family member- you might think the chances for that are impossible, but they are there- tiny but still there. Your family member is a part of the earth and therefore there is a 1/7000000 chance that it will be that person. Anyway, let’s get back to boxing- I’ll talk about that another time.

Boxers actually have a hard, unhappy, lonely life. They have to practice all year round for matches and so on. They don’t have time for their families and that can lead to the family breaking up. They do get a lot of money, but money dosen’t give happiness. And talking about money, it’s not fair that they get so, so much and others get nothing. But I’ll talk about that issue another time too. You know, that issue actually bothers and saddens me most- whenever I think about it, tears start filling my eyes. A few days ago I watched a film about a polish boxer called Presys?aw Saleta- he was really good in boxing and so he went to USA. There he got so much money and so much fame that he forgot about his family. His life was ruined. You should really go on Wikipedia and read his story- it’s really moving.

Boxing is not a sport for me. It’s a dirty game. I think people went too far inventing boxing. What is our world turning into? Tell me what?


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