Should children play computer games be band for children?

In year six’s debate club at school, we have been investigating if computer games are good or bad for children. We all know that children should have fun before becoming an adult, however it will be hard as there will be side affects when you use it too much! ‘Children should “feel the grass under their feet” rather than play addictive computer games which can harm their mental development’, a leading scientist has said.

Some believe that it will be a good idea to ban games. Firstly, it affects their child’s eye-site to read. Secondly, it affects their grip of holding things that is called ‘Nintendo grip’. Some games will be appropriate for children’s education, some games encourage children to be violent in order to gain points, and this gives them the urge to continuously play. That is why they get so much into a game and lead to bad behaviour. So when they play, this may lead to playing hard, violent and end up hurting others unexpectedly. They even become so addicted to a game; just like the addictiveness of cigarettes, and end up playing for at about 4 hours a day and sometimes until very late at night.

On the other hand, children should not be banned from games, firstly because they exercise the children’s fingers. Secondly, some games are educational for the youngsters as it keeps them focused and it helps them to attempt a difficult challenge repetitively until they succeed. Finally, it is good as it helps the children to co-operate with tasks at school, especially when they work with more than two people.

In conclusion, I think that children should be allowed to play computer games but only for a short time. However, I think they should only play appropriate games. But some people may disagree with me. So what do you think? Are you for or against it?

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