The Tragedy

“Sorry…” I whispered.

The fire stopped so suddenly. The fire raged like an untamed beast. The orphanage had nothing left but ash! However there were some walls left, but the victim was unknown. That was what M.Rod said. As I walked inside, I imagined the orphanage as clean and welcoming, but then it started to peel off showing burnt walls and damage.

Whilst I was walking, I passed a kind looking fire lady. Suddenly, lavender and rose filled my nose. I then started to remember Shan and Samuel in a waterfall of memories. Shan, Samuel and I were joyfully picking and smelling flowers. Then, we made daisy chains and wore them to attract the wonderful bees! Shan said sweetly, “Do you want to go to the greenhouse and pick some more flowers?” We all headed happily to the greenhouse. Half way we started to scuttle as we approached a hill.

When we arrived, Shan, Samuel and I went unexpectedly to a corner and picked up the same thing, lavender and roses. We had the greatest time ever! …

 Then I remembered the time when Shan and Samuel were stuck in a room during the fire. “Lin help me please!” Samuel shouted,”Shan is hurt!”I tried to push the door open, but it was too hot for me to open. A small tear oozed down my soft cheeks. “Sorry…” There was no more time for me to save my innocent friends. When… sparkling in the corner, I picked up the piping hot door knob where my poor friends got trapped. I looked at it in great despair and threw it viciously on the floor of ash. From my anger, I wished that I had been stuck in the middle of the desert, struggling in unstoppable quicksand.

SHRIEK! Suddenly, a shelf fell from one of the walls full of trophies. It shattered hopelessly on the floor. I looked at the trophies with shock, and then the sun shone on one of the trophies that Shan, Samuel and I achieved.

A few days later, I was accommodated in a new orphanage where I met two new
friends; they were kind just like my old friends. Their names are Jasmine and Trey who are such lovely and caring friends.

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