memories of dancing (flashback)

He walked into his new room. A tiny tear slowly drifted down his cheek. As he sat on his bed, he thought of his brother. He opened the desk drawer. He took out all his work and papers. Then, he saw the most precious thing to him now. It was his brother’s hat. He took out his brother’s hat and at that very moment it all came back to him, the time he and his brother danced together.

“I am not sure if we can beat them Jerome,” spoke his brother. Jerome and his brother were about to face the biggest challenge of their lives. They both walked to the other dance group. Jeromes brother pushed his hat down and covered his eyes. “Go!” shouted the manager. Jerome and his brother started the dance. It was completely wild. The other dance group did some crazy skills. Jerome and his brother couldn’t stand a chance anymore but Jerome’s brother  did a move that won the dance once and for all. No one was more excited than them. Later on after winning, they decided to leave the place. They were very happy about winning the dance off until the other dance group that lost came and started fighting them. It was terrible. During the fight, Jerome was getting beaten up and he was really hurt. His brother came to save him, but in the blink of an eye, BOOM! He got shot. Jerome’s brother’s  hat slipped off as he fell hard to the ground.

The door opened. It was Jerome’s new room mate. “Hello, are you my new room mate?” asked the room mate.
“Do you have any talents?” questioned the room mate.
“I have only one talent, dancing,” replied Jerome.
“Heh that’s my talent too,” exclaimed the room mate. Jerome took his brother’s hat and put it on. He looked into the mirror and in the mirror he could see his brother dancing and he asked, “Do you want to be my dance partner?”
“Yeah,” replied the room mate.

Now, for two years they have been dance partners, but in Jerome’s heart no one can replace his brother.

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  1. kube6 says:

    Myron wonderful piece of work. I like the last bit when Jerome put his brothers hat on and saw him in the mirror. There was a part were you could of put an apostrophe in Jerome’s name. While I was talking about apostrophes just done one in Jerome’s name and again. Myron great work. Excellent.

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