My Philosophy- Is Nothing Something?

Is nothing something? It’s really hard to explain… Let’s see if you can make any sense of what I think.

I think that nothing is something. For example, if you sit at home doing nothing you are doing something- you are doing nothing and that is doing something. Plus, we actually do one thing all the time- we breathe. So when we think we are doing nothing, we are actually doing something. Doing something is moving or doing something to do something else. When we breathe, we move our chests so that we can live.

And for example if you would get 0 points for a test, 0 is also something. 0 usually equals nothing but that still is something.

So nothing is something.

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2 Responses to My Philosophy- Is Nothing Something?

  1. jessa says:

    Hi Julia,
    I like your work! At first I thought it would be very confusing however, it totally made sense. I like your middle paragraph because you said ‘you are doing nothing and that is doing something’ as it somehow makes me laugh. Next time you could make it a bit longer by putting some more (funny) examples! Anyway, I think this work is the best work you have done about philosophy. Keep it up!

  2. tom6 says:

    Hi Julia,
    What a fantastic piece of work.It actually, really made sense.All the language and sentence starters were fantastic.One thing you could improve is to make it a bit more easier to read because it was very confusing.

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