Ted’s Profile

Ted’s brain works in a different way. He counts his shreddies like Aunt Gloria  also known as Hurricane Gloria. All the time he asks loads of question to either Mum or Dad. Mostly when Ted’s Mum and Dad say a metaphor, Ted takes it literally. Ted always causes mischief, trying to tease his sister, Kat.

Ted has a terrific cousin, Salim. If you want to know about the weather…

…Ted is the guy you should call. His dream is to become a weatherman. He is smart in a way that he knows a lot of things. Ted has a imaginative brain. 

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2 Responses to Ted’s Profile

  1. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Chantelle,
    Well done for a great character profile of our friend Ted. You have encapsulated his personality really cleverly in just a few sentences. You picked out the funny things about him. The picture was great too!
    Mr. Ruddy

  2. Miss Dolan says:

    What a clever fellow Ted is!
    What attributes does he have to make him a good weatherman?

    By the way, I really liked your reference to metaphors!

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