Something whistled. Something moved. Something

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  1. tom6 says:

    Hi Julia,
    What a fantastic piece of work. You described everything so well that I could feel as if I was to be Tim. The sentence that stood out for me, was, ” They walked on, facing the cold nights and weaving their way through the maze of plants until at last, they found what they were looking for.” Maybe next time, you could add a bit more wow words. Overall, a very good piece of work

  2. julia says:

    Thanks Tom. You are right about the wow words- it’s just quite hard to include a lot of them when I have only 100 words to use. Thanks for telling me.

  3. Mrs Skinner says:

    This has a lovely feel to it Julia. I like the idea of Moby being a bit grumpy with Tim. It is good to have Moby as the main character I think. Very well done!

  4. Amy (team 100wc) says:

    What a fantastic entry for the 100WC Julia! You have used a lot of fantastic vocabulary such as ‘engulfed by green colourful plants and with trees piling up into the sky’. I wonder what the glowing thing was that they found at the end? I love how you have left the story on a cliffhanger leaving the reader wanting to know more. I wonder if it makes more sense to use the word ‘began’ rather than ‘begun’ where you have used it? What do you think? Keep up the brilliant work 🙂

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