100wc by Jessa

Tim and Moby had gone round and round the immortal forest for two days whilst some annoying cheeky animals circle around them stealing their precious food! “Moby, I wish we could open this humongous and ugly box. Can you please give me a hand?” The box was ancient and dusty, however, it was impossible to open; the lid was sealed with lead. However without giving up, Moby – with his inhuman strength, opened the protected box making a loud ‘CLICK!’ “Wow Moby! You’re so strong I can’t even do that!” to their unexpected surprise… it’s a skull of a tyrannosaurus.


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  1. Megan says:

    What an interesting piece of writing Jessa! I love your use of words such as ‘immortal’ and ‘humongous’ – they reall make the story more interesting and easier to imagine for the reader. Good work. 🙂


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