A Horrible Camp

Something was wrong. Something was ringing. But what could be ringing in the mountains? As Alex opened his eyes, he realised that the ringing was his watch. But it’s the weekend- why would someone want to get up so early on Saturday? Then, he remembered. A bubbling feeling of excitement filled him, followed by a sudden rush of panic. Excitement, because today, he and his friends were going out to the Island opposite their village for a camp! Panic, because he just noticed that he was late, and should have met up with them 15 minutes ago. Jumping out of bed, he dashed to his wardrobe and thrown on any clothes he could find. As he was opening the front door, he remembered he had to pack. Running across the room to the garage door, he noticed mum and dad have woken up. Ignoring them, Alex burst into the garage, snatched the tent of the wall and run back into the house. While he whizzed past his parents, he gave them a quick, morning kiss and rushed upstairs to get his backpack. Then again, he slid down the railing of the stairs to get to the kitchen. When there, he grabbed some fruit and thrown it into the bag. Up again, then down and to the garage, then out and up to his room again, then down to the living room, then…  he was stopped by a hand witch squeezed his shoulder. It was dad. Dad told him to calm down and get everything ready. So, Alex calmed down, and got the camping kit. Now, checking. Tent, compass, map, food, sleeping bag, first aid kit, lighter. All here. Well, sadly, he had to do all the checking in the car while driving to the meeting spot!

Alex got there just in time! He said bye to dad and went off with his friends to catch a boat. His friends, Max and David, weren’t very keen on taking Alex with them because he is, well, very forgetful, and, well… not really smart… not really fit… but he’s their good friend, and they had to take him. Now, I said they had to catch a boat. Boat, because, you see, as Alex mentioned in the first paragraph, they were going for a camp on the island opposite their island and the only way to get there is by boat. So, they got on board of one. That boat ride was wonderful! They looked through the clear water right into the eyes of colourful fish. The air was clear and sharp, just perfect for a camp! Then, the ride finished. Well, sadly, this was the only one pleasure that met them on their camp.

Walking into the forest, the boys began chatting excitedly about what they’d do. Finally, they were left without their parents! Hurray! So, for the whole day, they walked deeper and deeper into the forest. They found a nice, clear place by the river, a perfect place for a camp. So they settled there. Alex was meant to get the tent for them, so as Max went to collect wood, and David looked around and enjoyed the beautiful view, Alex got out the tent. But when he got it out…
“What is this!” screeched David as he got to Alex to help him with the tent. Instead of a professional, camping tent, there lay a small, pink Barbie tent, so tiny that Alex himself couldn’t fit in there. Alex smiled innocently.
“Well, my tent was hanging on the wall next to my little sisters, and today in the morning I was in a hurry… and I forgot on which side was my one…”. Max came over with a pile of sticks. When he saw the tent, he dropped the sticks and his cheeks turned red.
“Alex,” he begun in a harsh voice. “What did you do to our tent? What!?” David quickly explained to him about the mistake. They decided to cope with what they had.

Once the day passed and night begun to fall upon the sky, the boys made a fire and begun eating. Each boy took their own food. They also decided to tell scary stories. Max was first.
“One, dark night,” he begun, “when the stars twinkled in the sky, and the moon was full in its beauty, a boy with his friends went for a camp…”
“Um, sorry to interrupt you, but… I also forgot to get my food.” Alex quickly added. He turned his bag upside down, and all that tumbled out was an apple and two oranges. Max was turning red again, but then he suddenly calmed down. His friends shared their food with him and all of them went to sleep in the tiny, pink tent, praying for it not to rain.U

The next day, Alex woke up, but found no friends lying next to him. He went out of the tent, and found them sitting by the stream, washing their hands. He ran up to them.
“Hi guys,” Alex chipped. “Did you have a good night? Cos my one was wonderful!”
Max answered him. “Yes, my night was perfect! I couldn’t sleep because someone was lying on me and snoring, and I’m hungry because someone ate all my food yesterday! And, that someone is called Alex!”
“Oops, sorry…” said Alex, innocently again. Well, the boys got all their things and went on to find a place where they could call a boat.

On their way, they found some berries. For Max and David were very hungry, they ate a few. What they all forgot about was that bears like berries, and…
While they were eating, Alex heard a growl. Then, the others heard it too. Before they could say a thing, a giant hairy bear jumped out of the trees. It had rough, dark fur and enraged green eyes. The boys must have beaten the world record in running while they where running away from the bear. Finally, they stopped, noticing that they were lost.
“Get the map and compass out, Alex,” gasped David. “We’ll need it to find our way out.”
“Well…” begun Alex. “I put that in the professional tent that’s at…”
Max wanted to kill him! Alex ruined everything! But he calmed down, and the boys had to go and wonder around the forest.

Suddenly, they came to a clear space by a huge river. They could see the village at the other end! Now, just to call for them using the phone Max was meant to take. Max reached into his pocket, then remembered. He smiled innocently and said,
“Sorry, I forgot my phone.”



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  1. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Julia,
    I forgot to ring your mum about tomorrow and the filming. This is the only way I can contact you now. Please tell your mum not to worry if she cannot make it tomorrow morning. I know it is short notice. Dan will be coming back again so we can do it next time. Please let me know you have read this and told your mum by leaving a reply.
    Thank you
    Mr. Ruddy.

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