100wc-week 31

What can the ancient treasure be? As they journeyed through the jungle, a cheeky monkey swept from the branches and stole Moby’s hat. He was very cross and he wanted to chase after the silly monkey but he knew it’d waste time. A few minutes after the monkey incident, a lion approached guarding their way. It let out

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  1. Mrs Halford (Team 100WC) says:

    Hello Obinna, I laughed several times as I read yours; love the humour in it 😀
    Well done for describing the monkey in different ways and for varying your sentence starts.
    After all their efforts the treasure was disappointing wasn’t it? I thought it was a great idea of yours; quite different to the others I have read.
    An exclamation mark at the end would have finished it off nicely.
    Keep on writing !!

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