Dear Mr Desmond Tiny

Dear Mr Desmond Tiny,

I know you don’t read a lot, but I would be really grateful if you could read this letter from me. I can guarantee you that  reading this won’t waste your time. Knowing how important time is to you… I read a lot about you in books and I know just how powerful you are. You really interested me. I hope that I will also interest you.

The reason for me writing to you is that I want to tell you about a few things and ask you for some help. Do not object- I can tell you I have great DNA…

Now, let me just say a few things about you. I think that you are an evil, stupid man who thinks that he can do anything just because he can do things others can’t. I think that you are just some rubbish stuck in our world and that you should make your way to another galaxy – actually, all the universe would be better off without you! And guess what, I’m not scared of you!

Even though I don’t really like the way you act sometimes, I still find you as an extraordinary character who I can learn a lot from. Would you take me and teach me to do everything that you do? Please! I’ll serve you and use all my powers to help you with all your evil deeds. I could become your servant and do anything for you. Just please, give me all that power that you have! I’ll serve you till the rest of my life! And it is worth it- believe me!

Well anyway, thank you for your time- well, if you give it to me! It’s really worth it. I am hoping that you will write back to me- I just also wish you could exist.

Yours Sincerely, Julia


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3 Responses to Dear Mr Desmond Tiny

  1. Mr. Ruddy says:

    Hi Julia,
    A very very interesting idea here. Is this a letter to a character from the Darren Shan books? You have really told him what you think of him in a very direct manner! Excellent. I really like the line about you having great DNA – very amusing.
    Do you think he will grant your wishes after the way you have attacked his character? One minor point – I thin the word ’till’ on the fourth from last line would read better as ‘for’. Please reply to my comments.

    • julia says:

      Yes Mr Ruddy, you are right about the ’till’. And I just would like to explain a bit about Desmond Tiny. Desmond Tiny is a really powerful man who can move in time, kill people and then bring them back to life and even travel to the underworld. He uses all his powers to create chaos and bloodshed- he’s quite evil and everyone’s scared of him- they’re scared that he will take their soul and never let them rest in peace. He loves to see other people being evil or bad and is really interested in them.
      One more thing I would like to mention- I love all the Darren Shan books. He is just the best author in the world!

  2. myron says:

    Hi Julia
    this is a really fantastic piece of work. I like the way you presented it and the use of wow words. This letter is brilliant. I do agree with Mr Ruddy though, ‘for’ would be better than ’till’. Other than that a great piece of work. Keep blogging and commenting, people would appreciate it, especially from you Julia.

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