Selfish Giant – Giant (In heaven)

Dear Diary,

Oh, my life was a blessing to live. I regret being unkind and selfish to the children. But I am greatful to the child for changing my ways. I feel happy and young, and yet I’m old. My life, was truly a blessing.

Life is also great in here too, with my little friend. We talk from time to time about how we are doing and things. It puts a smile on my face, since I’ve never felt this kind of happiness before. I also watch the children from above, and smile as they play in my garden.

I love how they try to preserve my castle and garden to keep it as a memory of me, and a tribute to me. How sweet… From time to time, the children would also pray for me. Also, every now and then, blossoms would swirl around my castle, maybe because the seasons miss me.

These children have planted a seed in my heart. One that will keep growing until the end of time. It will grow into a flower, and blossom into a sense of love. That’s what they mean to me. I would hate it if anything happened to them. So thanks to them, I changed. And as said earlier in my diary, my life… IS truly a blessing.

Entry closed.

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