Selfish Giant – One of the Children

We were happy here. Nothing would possibly make us unhappy here. We enjoying hearing the birds sing, tasting the magnificent fruits, and of course, playing in the garden. But then the giant came back from his visit to his friend, and caught us playing. So he built a mighty wall around his garden, and now we can’t play. Why would the giant be so selfish? Why would he keep us out of the lovely garden? Why?

Our vanity for the garden was too great for explanation. Everyone wishes they can play in the garden again, but we can’t… Every garden was visited by spring, except the giant’s. I felt as though she, Spring, also knew that the giant was being selfish. But then a miracle happened. We found a hole in the wall. Everyone rushed to crawl through the hole and play in the garden again. After crawling through, we all played happily. Once again, we were back in the beautiful garden.

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  1. jakub says:

    Hi Peter
    This is a really nice peice of work I really liked the use of the questionmarks. I think that it took you a lot of time and effort do write this peice of work.Keep it up!!

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