Red or black

Red is a bright vibrant colour and can sometimes be seen as a dark obscure colour. Red represents emotions and  feelings. For example, it can represent anger or danger but also excitment and warmth. I like the colour red because it is one of the colours of all my countries flags and it is the colour of the Arsenal home kit. Is red in anything you like?

Black is a very dark colour and can not be light unless you believe it can be light. Black mostly represents darkness blindness those sort of things but I don’t believe that. I believe that black can be represented as calm and peaceful. I also like black because a lot of my family like the colour black and no one can approve any of my decisions but there is one question I would like to ask.

Would you be RED OR BLACK?


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  1. jose says:

    Hi Myron
    I loved this piece of writing it really gets me thinking I really liked the way you explained the red and black the question that you put on the end really made me think if I was to answer the question I would say red and black.

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