The Selfish Giant

Dear diary,

Today I realised that becoming unselfish is feeling free happy and excited. It is like walking through a field of eternity, filled with vibrant colours. Children playing with each other, they sang along with the birds, played with animals and enjoyed the warmth. They were running around my garden smelling my wondrous flowers.Somehow rage and fury covered me. I shouted and yelled at them. They were terrified so they ran and cried. I put up a wall of irritation and disgust, one that nobody can destroy. But then, a miracle happened! I got rid of that wall and invited them over to my glorious garden. I felt guilty as soon as I saw their petrified souls. I felt the sun pouring on me, flowers peeked out, birds sang, clouds dissolved. Spring came, so did peace. But I, went away in peace and to peace…

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