The selfish giant

Spring came and I couldn’t wait for them. The children entered the pretty garden with joy flowing in their hearts in many different ways. I decided to move out of the sun’s way so it can be a sunny and bright day. All those little souls running around kept my wet rain in me. The giant stomped his way out. The children ran away and I floated into the sun blocking his light. How awful I felt for them. The giant turned and saw a boy. He was just standing there where winter was still awake. The giant stomped to him. As he got closer to the boy, he could see that he was having trouble getting up a leafless tree. The giant felt sorrow in his heart, so he helped him up. Blossoms grew on the tree. The boy said, “You let me play in your garden, now it is your turn to play in mine.” They both smiled. I moved out of the sun’s way. As the light touched the garden, the giant and boy disappeared. The other children came running back to the garden. As they played, the boy and giant watched them along with me in Heaven, Heavens garden.

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  1. julia says:

    Hi Myron,
    What a lovely way to write your story about the selfish giant! You wrote it from the clouds point of view- what a smart thing to do. I really liked the discriptions you used, especially this line: As the light touched the garden, the giant and boy dissapeared. You also ended in a pretty way that matched the feel of the story. I can imagine how lovely it will sound to music. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story with us. Next time you could use a bit more wow words, like instead of using the word pretty you could use beautiful or fenominal. Thanks again.

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