the selfish giant

There will be a few paragraphs and each of those paragraphs will be in different points of view of the objects/ people in the story.

I howled onto the giants roof. My friend the hail threw her ice on the roof so it crashed. The snow covered everything… but the children came. the warmth of their hearts frightened us. We fled.

The children came! The children finally came! We opened out our petals and stretched them, and welcomed the sun into us. We were so happy, that some of us turned glittery, and gold… and rainbow coloured. We gave beautiful scents for them. It was glorious.

I played with my friends and we looked and smelt the beautiful rainbow coloured flowers and we were overjoyed! Some of us ate the peaches, pears and apples, the strawberries, the raspberries! We were too busy to see that  poor lonely boy who was in his own winter.

I felt so sorry for the boy. I cried for him with the sigh of my branches. My heart was breaking for him. I lowered my branches for him but he was too small… someone must help!

I came and the children ran away…but not the small boy. He was blind with tears, his lonely cry echoing in my ears. I set him on the highest branch and the tree blossomed into happiness. My life returned. My heart was warm again.

My life was long but the small boy didn’t return. Years and years passed and I was coming towards my death and the boy returned. His hands and feet were wounded. He said to me ” Come into my heaven. Be in peace.” I died. I entered the peace of heaven.

About olivia6

Hi, when I grow up I would like to be a lawyer. I am aiming for high levels in my work. I love science!!! I am a nature lover and I love animals like reptiles e.g snakes, lizards- and of course animals e.g lion, tiger, deer, rabits and so on. And as all my friends know, I absolutaly love cats and bees.
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3 Responses to the selfish giant

  1. clare says:

    Hi Olivia
    Wow that a very good piece of work. I cant wait to hear how it will sound. I know it will sound fantastic.
    when you said “come into heaven. be peace. ” It was a very good sentence I really liked it. So i am going to start using sentence like that know. I don’t think there anything to improve.
    Well done Olivia and keep up the good work.

  2. julia says:

    Hi Olivia,
    I love the way you wrote from different points of view of different things from the story! It was really smart how you made each section a different colour- it made everything clearer. I also love your descriptions, especially this line: ‘He was blind with tears, his lonely cry echoing in my ears.’ You could try to add more descriptions next time. Thanks a lot!

  3. olivia6 says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for your lovely comments!

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