We are writers


Here is your chance to have something published

Theme – Be The Best You Can Be

Think of some great ideas that we could do based on this idea. For example, we could write a letter to our future selves wondering how life went and if we achieved all we want to.
If you have any ideas then blog them as a reply to this comment. Let’s hear them then Year 6.

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4 Responses to We are writers

  1. jessa says:

    Hi Mr Ruddy,
    My idea is quite simple but we could write a piece of work about a time in St.Paul’s when you was being the best you can be. My other idea is that we could write a work which is about inspiring someone to be the best you can be.

  2. julia says:

    Hi Mr Ruddy,
    We could write a letter to someone who is our example- like if you want to become a singer when you grow up, you could write a letter to your favrouite singer who you want to be like. We could also write about a time when we gave up and how sad it was for us- we could have a moral in the story to never give up.

  3. obinna says:

    Hi Mr Ruddy,
    I think we could do a diary entry about when we have done the best we could do.

  4. clare says:

    Hi Mr Ruddy,
    My idear is to write a poam about what you want to be explaing why

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