Jackie Chan


A few questions for Jackie Chan

1. How did you become an actor?
2. Who taught you martial arts?
3. How do you do it?
4. Do you have any sons or duaghters?
5. Have you ever been in an actual fight?

That was a few questions for Jackie Chan.


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2 Responses to Jackie Chan

  1. Milly says:

    Hi Kube6,
    I like the questions you wrote and I enjoyed reading them! Have you seen Jackie Chan? If so, did you like it?I have, it made me laugh alot. Watch out for your spellings e.g. daughters, 🙂

  2. chantelle says:

    A very creative piece of work. I liked the fact that it’s new and something that hasn’t been on the blog before and some fantastic qusetions. You’ve mis spelt theword,daughter and the 3rd qusetion dosen’t make sense.

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