My holidays

My holidays were incredible. I went to my cousin

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7 Responses to My holidays

  1. chantelle says:

    A creative piece of writing Emilio. I loved how you used the word incredible and that clever ending,now here I am writing this diary on the blog. Next time try to use some sentence starters instead of my, I and the.

  2. Natasha says:

    It was very intresting

  3. Natasha says:

    It was very intresting reading about your holiday and your relly luky playing the we all day

  4. Dawid says:

    Hello I like when you put the word incredible . I like your diary and I hope you visit our blog is welbourne blog.

  5. Victoria says:

    Wow Emilio, your work is fantastic , you’ve included where you were and what you did.You described everything , I really enjoyed reading It but you could write a little bit more about your holiday. I’am looking forward to read some more of your work. My holidays were a little bit the same, I was sleeping over my cousins house and we were playing playstation, hind and seek and playing in the park . Please come and visit our blog ,see and comment.

  6. Shaleem says:

    Hello Emilio
    That was great you could of put more details.
    Over the summer holidays I played football and my Wii and Xbox it was awesome.
    You could of used some sentence operners more adjectives apart from that it was fabulous to hear somebody elses holiday WELL DONE.
    Please come and look at Welbourne Primary School Year 5 blog.

  7. Tyce says:

    Hay Emilio
    My name is Tyce.I love your poem i think it is fantastic especially your title which is my hoilday.In my Holiday for the first day i went to Tunisia.It was boiling and the best thing about my holiday was the food MMMMmmm!!!It was scrumtious and my favourite food there was the crepes.And the swimming in the blazzing hot sun it was the best.Was that your best holiday?Why did you write about your holiday?And what is your cousins name?
    Good bye hope you like my comment:)

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