The Selfish Giant’s Wife

I watched him live his miserable life for seven years. I miss him so much and at the same time I remember the time when I died, the time when I gave birth to our child… although I don’t know if I had a girl or boy. Adding to this, I remember our garden… we enjoyed everything in it. He would always let the children in so they could play, however if he did it now, he’d remember the time when we were together and when they enjoyed our time in the garden. His life was so heartbreaking, it’s my entire fault! His love and care faded away as time went by.

I saw the giant searching for something or someone. Was it Jesus, who he didn’t know and was a stranger to the giant? The one who he adored? Yes, he cried for years to see Jesus, soon the giant became very old and feeble. Then, as he looked out of his window Jesus stared at him. His smile gave life to the giant – my husband. Quickly, he ran downstairs as fast as a cheetah, as the giant approached the garden he stopped with shock. He kneeled down screaming, “What happened?” There were nails hammered through Jesus’ hands and feet, “Who did this to you? Tell me so that I can avenge for you!” Slowly and peacefully Jesus nodded.

For a few minutes there was complete and utter silence. “Who are you?” asked the giant.
“Today let me play in your beautiful garden then you can play in mine. Up there in paradise,” Jesus softly whispered after he pointed to the sky.

Time had come for him. Now I could ask if it was a girl or a boy… when suddenly he was covered with white blossoms as the giant rested calmly for his final breath.

His life changed so quickly although it took some time… I have talked to him happily in paradise and I found out I had a girl.  

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