My set of fun activities

Put these jumbled up letters into the correct word again
(I’ll give you the first letter of each word)
1. bulejm- J            3. edrab- B
2. rueo- E               4. lgaf- F

What am I?
1. Sometimes, I hurry and sometimes I’m too slow. You can change me if you like. I’ve got two arms and I sing a song that goes ‘tick, tock’. What am I?
2. I’m always the opposite of everything.  People usually hang me. What am I?
3. I am very small and handy. People hold me around my waist and make marks on paper with me. What am I?

How many words can you make out of the word,

Maths Problem- Main Question
Jessie and her friends decided to go to the cinema for a movie. Jessie wanted to go for Mirror Mirror, which cost 12 pounds per ticket. Annie wanted to go for The Muppet Show which cost 28 pounds per two people. Olga wanted to go for Snow White and the Huntsman which cost each person 9 pounds per each hour of the film (the film lasts 1 and a half hours) The girls decide to go for the film that is the cheapest. Which film would they choose?

!!! Please answer these questions in your reply and I will read them then give you an amount of points. Your points will increase each time you take another fun set. Hurry- I only give you two weeks to answer and then I’ll put the answer up for everyone to see!!!


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