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Hello Year 6 ,

I have heard that you had very talented and you want to keep chasing your dreams until you reach them. When I was your age I wanted to be a photographer and  make the most extraordinary pictures. I would not give up so I used these steps to help me:

Step 1: Believe in yourself

If you are in a situation were you don’t believe in yourself you can’t start achieving your dreams. Make a few shots at your dream job if you think you can’t do it do it again and again until you are happy with yourself. If you are not try the other day.

Step 2: Get support

If you have dreams and you don’t tell anyone like your family you need to ask them for support. You can show them the thing you want to do and ask them if they think it’s good. If they say something like “Hmmm… I think you could improve…” Then don’t be upset and start practicing again. Maybe, if you show them how much you love doing that they could  ask you if you want to go to a special school. Keep repeating step 1.

Step 3:  Make your dreams come true

Show off your skills to your friends and family then maybe if you want you could make a video and if you want post it online. Remember that you have to do it with passion so that you reach your goal with bigger steps. Keep repeating step 1 and step 2.


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