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Hi kids, my name is Myron Amdemariam and I am 50 years old. 40 years ago, my teacher asked me to write to young little children about a very important message. This message is about achieving your dreams by ‘being the best that you can be’. I achieved my dream. I achieved it not because I wanted to, but because I paid the price. The price is nothing special, it’s just being the best that you can be. My dream was to be a great writer. Being a writer means everything to me, especially when I write for little children. To be a brilliant writer, you need a quiet place to write, you need to have lots of ideas for your stories and you need to just be the best that you can be.

I became a writer by entering a writing contest. We all had 2 days to write a fantastic story. 3 weeks later, when the results came, I wasn’t chosen and they thought that my story wasn’t good enough. I was sad but that’s life. 1 week later, I got a call from the contest; they told me that they changed their minds. They thought that I did the best that I could and I came back. I made to the finals and then I won the contest. I was so proud of myself.

I wasn’t proud because I won, I was proud because of what I had done. I did the best that I could and that’s all that matters.

That’s how I became a writer 30 years ago. This is what I want you and me to learn, that doing the best that you can is more important than just winning. Anyone can achieve their dreams by doing their best, remember that and remember this message.

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  1. Hi Myron. Well done on your work. I thought it really inspired me to write and also to be proud of myself. you had great tips that i’m sure most people will learn from. This was a great peice of work. You’ve really encouraged me so well done and keep blogging.


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