It was scary.  My heart was pounding.  My friends told me to get into the kart.

I had made it to the knock-out stages of the junior world championships in my home city of Moscow.  I was the best in my school, the best in the country. Tiger track, was the name of the track I was going to face.  I had no choice.  I stepped in.

I was placed next to my rival, Trip Robinson.  He was such a boaster.  His parents always bought him all that he wanted.  Every year, he had a new and improved kart.  Every year,  it was a photo finish.  This year was going to be different.  I was determined to beat Trip and make my way to the top.

The race had begun.  I was in the lead, Trip was behind me.  Was I going to win?  Was this all a big dream?  It was real, I knew it was.  I had to carry out this lead.

It was the final lap and Trip was catching up on me, but it was just a matter of seconds before the race finished.  Suddenly, a blur caught up with me.  The finish line was only a couple of yards away.  I burned every bit of gas my kart had.  The race was over.  I Looked up at the jumbo screen to see if I had won. Victory!!!!  I had succeeded.  I was going to the junior world championship finals.
I couldn’t wait!!

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