The Girl Who Lost Belief


Karen was a fantastic runner. She had beaten everyone in her class at racing in the playground. Karen went to the racing track everyday after school to do laps around the track. “Tomorrow is the try out for the young Olympic games. I need to do my best,” Karen shouted, believing that she could do it. Karen’s dream was to stand on the podium and sing the national anthem of America. When she came home everyone cheered her on. “Come on Karen. You can do it. Come on Karen. Make us proud!” everyone chanted excitedly. The cheer from everyone built up the belief in her heart. The belief that she could win. Sleepily yawning, Karen fell on her bed and slept like a little angel.

“Beep beep,” the alarm clock rang. Today was the day to show off her mad skills. Quickly jumping out of her bed, she got dressed and rushed out of the house. She ran as fast as an eagle catching its prey. Finally, she arrived at the track where she started to get nervous and thought, “Oh no. I can’t do this. I’m too nervous. I can’t believe I thought that I could do this.” Sadly, Karen ran, cowered on the stairs and cried her eyes out. The announcer started calling out contestants. The person was soon going to call Karen’s name but she was still crying until she saw Usain Bolt coming up the stairs. “Now why is a beautiful person like you crying? Shouldn’t you be racing?” Usain Bolt asked in a calm voice. “I want to but I’m just too nervous,” Karen cried. Usain Bolt said confidently,” I know sometimes you can get nervous but there are people who are out there who believe in you. I bet they’re crossing their fingers and praying hard for you. You don’t want to disappoint them now, do you? And besides, if that heart of yours isn’t filled with belief and spirit then you’re gonna have a lot of trouble getting to your goal when your older. You’ll regret it.” Suddenly a tear came sliding out of her fragile eye. Karen ran to Usain Blot, hugged him and whispered, “Thank you Usain Bolt. I won’t let fear ruin my life anymore.” The announcer yelled Karen’s name, and in a flash she ran to the track.

When the whistle blew, she ran as fast as a rocket going to the moon. Her time was a gob-smacking 1min and 10 secs. The announcer told her to wait in a special room until the results were in. Karen sat on the bench and prayed very hard until the announcer came in and declared that the winner was Karen! Karen was blissful and learned to have lots of belief in her heart. From that day forward, she was the best that she could be.

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