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100wc [ The Adventure]

Tom and Moby went on a journey to find the golden sword. It was hidden in the jungle. They had no idea what or who was going to be there. But, they liked finding things. Moby was a robot. He wasn’t at all clever … Continue reading

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It was the 26/2/2012. The day of my birthday. I woke up at nine o’clock in the morning. I went down to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. It was fantastic. A door bell rang, I thought it was my gran but it was only a news messanger. … Continue reading

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Travel back in time

It was a sunny day and the trees were swaying like a ship in the middle of the ocean. Mark decided to taidy up his cupboards because they were all dusty. Suddenly he saw a letter that he had kept … Continue reading

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Are Computer Games Good for Children

In our class we have been discussing whether or not computer games are healthy or bad for children. There has been a very lively debate as there are two strongly opposing views. Some people believe that computer games would be good for … Continue reading

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Dear Dairy

It was 3:15 after school. Everyone was going home, every one was in a hurry. All I could hear was screaming and laughing. Even the headteacher was laughing.  I was trying to find my mum but all what I could see was faces of people that I didn’t … Continue reading

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100 word challenge

It was a very nice day. Me and my dad decided to go to the museum around the corner. The tickets didn’t cost anything so we got in for free. We saw lots of different things but one of the things was special. … Continue reading

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The Candle

It was dark. Very dark. A little light shone in the darkness. The light was not huge but it said lots of things about me and how I felt. As I walked down the stairs , the light was guiding me. … Continue reading

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What is Scurvy

Scurvy is a condition where an individual has a vitamin C deficiency. The name scurvy comes from the Latinscorbutus, and humans have known about the disease since ancient Greek and Egyptian times. Scurvy commonly is associated with sailors in the 16th … Continue reading

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