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The flower

I was dieing. Withering away. Where was the spring? I had waited all my live to see all the beautiful animals and blossoming flowers. The cold winter was tearing away at my heart. I felt the darkness and all the … Continue reading

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Cries of help

Why are rubbers treated so badly? Why do children launch us at the whiteboard? Well, don’t expect the answer from me, go ask the children. Think about all us powerless rubbers, Flying through the air, Shouting desperately!!!  But what do they say, nothing. Why do people … Continue reading

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100wc-week 31

What can the ancient treasure be? As they journeyed through the jungle, a cheeky monkey swept from the branches and stole Moby’s hat. He was very cross and he wanted to chase after the silly monkey but he knew it’d … Continue reading

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A prayer for homes and families

Dear Lord, Help me to forgive others when they have hurt me and to receive forgiveness from my friends and family. Help me to be more like the Good Samaritan who helped the Jew when he was in pain and … Continue reading

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The best day of my life!

Dear diary, That was the best day of my life! At first I thought it was going to be the start of another boring day at school but it turned out not to be. At 6:30am I got out of bed … Continue reading

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100wc-week 26

“Yay! it’s Easter,” I called out in excitement. I couldn’t wait to eat my first chocolate in a month. As I ran upstairs, I caught a glimpse of the chocolate as mum opened the fridge. Suddenly I started drooling all over the grass. I … Continue reading

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Are computer games good or bad?

In our class we have been discussing whether computer games are good or bad. There has been a very heated debate as there are two strongly opposing teams. Some people think that computer games are good. They have many reasons … Continue reading

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Dear diary

Today was a really good day because at 9:30am I left home to go to church. I’m in a choir in church so I have to sing but instead of singing I chose to be a drummer. The fellow drummers asked me to play a difficult … Continue reading

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It was my Halloween party today and I was very excited.”Beth the guest have arrived!!”mum called. I hurried downstairs and there were definitely alot of people. Many were dressed like ghosts with a white cloth draping over them. I pushed my way through the … Continue reading

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L is for looking out for each other, O is for the only one you will ever love, V is for valentines day when we go out seeking for that one special person, E is for everyone around us. LOVE your family and … Continue reading

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