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The Candle of Hope… (Part 3)

This is now a war between revenge and me. Everything that is related to me, just has to be ruined by fate. My life has never been happy. Everything just had to include pain, tears and sorrow. Why. Why has … Continue reading

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100wc Challenge – Bones

I muttered to myself, ”Oooh… looking at a pile of bones.” I stared at the pile of bones, ”Why is this even here?” I heard a faint sound. Louder and louder it grew. Soon after it became a screech. Laying my … Continue reading

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Fear is…

Fear is enduring the elements of torture, Fear is a wall blocking you from your other feelings, Fear is fierce warriors causing bloodshed to your limbs, Stopping you from moving. Fear is portal leading you to an immortal labyrinth where … Continue reading

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Is rage all I will ever have?

Why did everyone hate me? What do I do? How did it happen? Who caused it? Those question were soon answered later when I… I sat in the forest, crying. All alone, no one was by my side. Everyone hated me. … Continue reading

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The Candle of Hope… (Creative Writing)

I heard rumbles down in the basement. Hard, vibrating rumbles. I lit up a candle and headed down to the basement… but first I had to get a snack. As I walked towards the fridge, I thought about what it … Continue reading

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The difference between bacteria and viruses

Have you ever wondered about the difference between viruses and bacteria? This is a report about the difference between them. Viruses are deadly to us, unless we have already been vaccinated. They can only reproduce inside cells unlike bacteria. The viruses can … Continue reading

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