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Dancing Memories

He was there. All alone in his brothers room,watching a gentle breeze brush the wind chimes. Dean was lonely. He had nobody since his brother had recently  passed away. Dean had to move on, but somehow he could’nt. He was … Continue reading

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Do games rot the brain?

 Some games can be  very addictive  for children. However some games can be inappropriate  for children. Firstly, some games are quite educational for most children. Secondly, some games help you get fit. For example, the wii fit, zumba and wii … Continue reading

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Today is school and I am so glad it is a friday sothat I can stay up late and relax in my bed feeling the relaxing wind brush against my smooth skin. My cousins are coming over this weekend. I … Continue reading

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Why Blogging helps me

Blogging helps me to share my work with others and give my opinions to others about my work. I like to comment on others work and write positive comments on their work. The blog is very good and positive but … Continue reading

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100 word challenge

As I picked  up the wish bone,  I  felt triangular and calm . I  started to stroke it. It felt smooth and cold but it was a bit slippery.  A strange feeling struck me.  Danger was nigh .I could just feel it … Continue reading

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Light of jesus

Light of Jesus. The light of Jesus. Come out and bring   your candles night or day. Come and join follow Jesus’s way.The light of Jesus. The light of Jesus. Come out and follow the light of  Jesus. Get on … Continue reading

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I love you

                 Roses are red ,Violets are blue. I am in love and falling for you. Every day I look in the bible. You are my idol.  When ever I see you you make me smile . I love you.I love you.Don’t … Continue reading

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Love is …

Love is a mother and daughter reading a story together. Love is a woman and a man becoming husband and wife. Love is God’s love engulfing us with care. Love is not just love. Love is God’s love surrounding us … Continue reading

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Chicken Pox

 Chicken pox is very contagious and can spread very quickly and easily. Chicken pox is caused by viruses which is caused by Micro organisms.To cure chicken pox you need a special lotion called calamine lotion . It  soothes  and relieves irritating … Continue reading

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Excitement is…

Excitement is red roses bursting to blossom. Excitement is a volcano ready to erupt. Excitement is blowing out your birthday candles. Excitement is a newborn baby laughing for the first time. Excitement is a cub going on its first hunt. … Continue reading

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