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Are Computer Games Good for Children

In our class we have been discussing whether or not computer games are healthy or bad for children. There has been a very lively debate as there are two

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Today is school and I am so glad it is a friday sothat I can stay up late and relax in my bed feeling the relaxing wind brush against my smooth skin. My cousins are coming over this weekend. I … Continue reading

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100wc challenge

On the days of the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs were healthy and happy. The Mums and Dads cared about their children. One day the dinosaurs were searching for food. They spotted a few men doing some research on some plants. The … Continue reading

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Pigeon post

In the olden days they used pigeons to send messages to people, they used pigeons because they did not have TV’S in the olden days. Pigeons are very intelligent they are called homing pigeons. In wars it was very difficult … Continue reading

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Robert Koch

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There it was. It sat in the corner of my

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