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1) Which book uses this phrase

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The Selfish Giant : In Heaven Looking down on the Children!

In The Future the children are now adults, In The Future their children are now playing in my Garden, Parents acquaint their children what happened when they were young, In the Garden, The Giant, Me I am still thinking about … Continue reading

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Earth is the only planet in the Solar System to have water in its three states of matter: as a solid (ice), a liquid (sea, rain, etc.) and as a gas (clouds). Earth is almost five billion years old, although … Continue reading

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A letter to my mum

Dear Mum, Hi mum how are you? I’ve just arrived and boy is it hot here in Brazil. I want to tell you how much fun I am having.

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100wc [ The Adventure]

Tom and Moby went on a journey to find the golden sword. It was hidden in the jungle. They had no idea what or who

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It was the 26/2/2012. The day of my birthday. I woke up at nine

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The Garden’s future

20 years past, The children who once played in the garden, Told their wonderful story, Now to their own children, The Garden never aged or changed, Still full of blossoming beauty, Because of the love, that was shared from genaration … Continue reading

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The Selfish Giant

Dear diary, Today I realised that becoming unselfish is feeling free happy and excited. It is like walking through a field of eternity, filled with vibrant colours. Children playing with each other, they sang along with the birds, played with … Continue reading

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The selfish giant

Spring came and I couldn’t wait for them. The children entered the pretty garden with joy flowing in their hearts in many different ways. I decided to move out of the sun’s way so it can be a sunny and … Continue reading

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Red or black

Red is a bright vibrant

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