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Theme – Be The Best You Can Be

Think of some great ideas that we could do based on this idea. For example, we could write a letter to our future selves wondering how life went and if we achieved all we want to.
If you have any ideas then blog them as a reply to this comment. Let’s hear them then Year 6.

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The Selfish Giant

Hi Year 6,
Well done to those of you who have blogged your ideas for this piece of work. They are lovely. Read each other’s and comment. 
Dont forget to check out the link for music: www.audionetwork.com
If  you have found a really nice piece to go with your work, please leave the name of it as a reply to this message and I can download them from home. 
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Fear is someone running after you without stopping, with an angry face.

Fear is like your first day at school panicking.

Fear is a fierce hurricane shacking everything in your house.

Fear is like a dark cave with no way out.

Fear is like a sharp eye staring at you.

Fear is when a lion opening its mouth with razor Sharp teeth.

Fear is when you are about to jump in murky water.

Fear is climbing up a high mountain and looking down.

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A letter to my mum

Dear Mum,

Hi mum how are you? I’ve just arrived and boy is it hot here in Brazil. I want to tell you how much fun I am having. I finally have peace and quiet. I am only jocking I really miss you. I just went on the most scariest water slide ever. It was 18 meters in the air and when you’re at the bottom you you in 5 meter deep in water. I tried getting Josh involved but he was to scared so it was me and Jack. So after that we went for dinner in a place called Hot spice. When we got there it was an explosion of laughter and music. So I ordered crab with butter on top and Jack and Josh the same thing chicken curry. It filled us up and for desert I  had cheese cake and Jack and chocolate and Josh had strawberry. It It felt like 100 angels were dancing in my tongue. So at the end of the day we went to our hotel and said  “We are going to have to upgrade you to first class. What luck. I thought we would have to wait for hours.

I can’t wait to see you mum!
PS: First class was great!

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Three Trees

Trees stand alone,
With hopes and dreams,
Wishing to be like God,
Will always succeed,
The first tree had something better than Gold,
The baby Jesus,
The second tree had something better than being a strong boat,
Jesus was on the tree which was the boat with two dicsiples,
The third tree had the most important thing,
He was a cross,
The cross that Jesus was nailed on,

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100wc [ The Adventure]

Tom and Moby went on a journey to find the golden sword. It was hidden in the jungle. They had no idea what or who was going to be there. But, they liked finding things. Moby was a robot. He wasn’t at all clever but sometimes he is a really good friend. As they where walking through the jungle, all the birds and lions ran away. They looked really scared. Suddenly they saw a light. It was the golden, shiny sword. Moby tried to get it out and finally he had got it out. It was the best day ever .

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It was the 26/2/2012. The day of my birthday. I woke up at nine o’clock in the morning. I went down to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. It was fantastic. A door bell rang, I thought it was my gran but it was only a news messanger. Then the door bell rang again, this time I thought it was one of my school mates but it was only my aunt. She didn’t even get me a present. I went up stairs to my bedroom. I was really angry at myself. I had no idea why. Suddenly my mum called me downstairs. I went downstairs. It was a surprise party.

Me and my friends ate a enourmous cake. It was fantastic. Afterwards, we went outside to play football at the park. When we where in the park, we played football and we scored 2 to 0. It was the best day ever.

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The Garden’s future

20 years past,
The children who once played in the garden,
Told their wonderful story,
Now to their own children,

The Garden never aged or changed,
Still full of blossoming beauty,
Because of the love,
that was shared from genaration to genaration,

Now the giant stays in heaven
watching the new genartion play in the garden
he once owned years ago

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The Selfish Giant

Dear diary,

Today I realised that becoming unselfish is feeling free happy and excited. It is like walking through a field of eternity, filled with vibrant colours. Children playing with each other, they sang along with the birds, played with animals and enjoyed the warmth. They were running around my garden smelling my wondrous flowers.Somehow rage and fury covered me. I shouted and yelled at them. They were terrified so they ran and cried. I put up a wall of irritation and disgust, one that nobody can destroy. But then, a miracle happened! I got rid of that wall and invited them over to my glorious garden. I felt guilty as soon as I saw their petrified souls. I felt the sun pouring on me, flowers peeked out, birds sang, clouds dissolved. Spring came, so did peace. But I, went away in peace and to peace…

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The selfish giant

There I was, crying, under the big tree of the giant. I tried to get up like the other children, but I was just to small to reach the long branches of the tree. The tree tried to help me get on, but still, I was just to small. Then, the giant came, and put me on the highest branch of the tree. I was deligheted. At first, I was really scared, but now I felt warmth in my heart. I huged and kissed him. He was my true friend on this world. the giant that had his heart locked away in the chest, had finally taken it out and swallowed it in. “You have been good” I said” Now, I shall go back to my father and tell him you are good so that he can make you a place in paradise.”

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